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Cavity wall tie replacement experts

Working across the Belfast area, Damp & Timber Specialists NI can help to ensure your home remains structurally sound for many years to come.

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement: Welcome

Repairing and restoring the hidden areas of your home

Cavity wall ties - essential for wall stabilisation 

The interior and exterior walls of your property are held in place at regular intervals by pieces of metal known as cavity wall ties. These small components prevent each wall from behaving independently of the other and help to maintain structural integrity of your property. In older properties cavity wall ties lasted around 20 years. Modern wall ties can now last for around 50 years before they start to degrade. If you're unsure what condition your cavity wall ties are in, call our Belfast-based team to arrange a survey today.

The signs of cavity wall tie failure 

As they are hidden away behind your walls, it can be hard to spot when your cavity wall ties are starting to fail. If you notice any of the below signs it's time to call our team to avoid further damage to your property:

• Horizontal cracks in the mortar of your brickwork, often at high level

• Bulging walls or brickwork

• Bowing walls

• Sagging lintels

• Cracks/separation of your window reveals

Book a cavity wall tie survey today

If you're buying or selling a property, or just want peace of mind that your property is in sound condition, a cavity wall tie survey is a great idea. When our team visits your home, we'll use a special device called a borescope (like an endoscope for walls) to take a closer look at the condition of your wall ties.

If cavity wall tie replacement is needed, our team is fully qualified to complete any necessary work. The total cost will vary depending on a number of factors but we're happy to provide a detailed quote before you agree to any work.

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement: Services

Call Damp & Timber Specialists NI now on 07950 941722 to book your cavity wall tie survey.

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement: Price Quote
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