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Effective dry and wet rot treatment for your home

Stop rot in its tracks with the help of Damp & Timber Specialists NI.

Dry & Wet Rot Treatments: Welcome

Quality workmanship from a fully insured team

What's the difference between wet and dry rot?

While wet rot is more common, dry rot is significantly more damaging to your home. Wet rot grows when your timber has a moisture content of over 50% and is often caused by leaky plumbing or damaged guttering. Dry rot can grow with just 20% moisture in the timber and is caused by an airborne fungus.

Before any treatment takes place, it's important to have a survey completed to ensure we are treating the right type of rot. Our team is fully trained in how to assess different types of rot and in how to apply rot treatments safely and effectively.

Wet rot treatments

The best way to stop wet rot is to simply take away the moisture source that is causing the issue. Once this has happened, we'll replace any damaged timber in the area.

Dry rot treatments

Once it's confirmed the problem is dry rot, we'll remove and replace any damaged timber in your home. To prevent and further damage to your timber or masonry we'll also spray an effective fungicide to kill any remaining spores.

Dry & Wet Rot Treatments: Services

Call the rot experts at Damp & Timber Specialists NI now on 07950 941722.

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