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Looking for condensation control methods?

Damp & Timber Specialists NI helps homeowners across the Belfast area reduce the amount of condensation and mould in their properties.

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Keeping homes mould-free for over 22 years

What causes condensation and mould?

Excess moisture in your home's atmosphere builds up to a point when it can no longer be held in the air and settles on hard surfaces as condensation. Over time you may end up notice small black dots of mould over your walls and ceilings which look unpleasant and may pose a health hazard.

There are many simply steps you can take to reduce moisture in your home including:

• Not drying clothes indoors, particularly on warm radiators

• Keeping lids on pans during cooking

• Keeping the bathroom door shut when bathing or showering

• Installing an extractor fan in your bathroom

• Regularly ventilating your rooms

• Keeping all rooms at room temperature where possible

However, in some cases extra measures may need to be taken to keep condensation under control. Damp & Timber Specialists NI can visit you at home in Belfast to discuss the installation of effective condensation control measures.

Positive pressure ventilation systems

A positive pressure ventilation system is an effective way to tackle problem condensation within your home. By installing a fan system in your lot, fresh, dry air is regularly circulated throughout your home at an ambient, rather than cold, temperature. Moist air is drawn out of your home and released back into the atmosphere. 

These systems are quiet, require little maintenance and could help to reduce your heating bills as drier air is easier to heat up.

Thermal insulation boards

A key way to reduce condensation and mould in your home is to maintain a consistent, warm temperature. However, with rising energy bills, investing in proper insulation to keep heat in is a sensible decision.

Damp & Timber Specialists NI will arrange a home visit first to assess how much mould and condensation your home suffers from and advise on the right type of insulation boards for your property.

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Call Damp & Timber Specialists NI now on 07950 941722 to reduce the amount of condensation and mould in your home.

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