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Need fast woodworm removal?

Damp & Timber Specialists NI of Belfast has been effectively treating woodworm infestations for over 22 years.

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Protect your home's timber with our woodworm treatments

What can a woodworm infestation do to my home?

Woodworm (also known as the common or Anobium punctatum) commonly live outdoors and survive by destroying dead trees and fallen branches. However, sometimes these beetles make their way into our homes and start eating away at the structural timber work, floorboards and even our furniture!

How do I know I have woodworm in my home?

There are a few tell-tale signs which will show if you have a woodworm infestation. These include:

• Seeing lots of small holes appearing in your timber beams, flooring or furniture. These holes are where adult woodworm emerge after eating through the material.

• With all these holes being bored, you may notice very fine, light-coloured wood dust, also known as frass, appearing around your home.

• More visible damage or tunnels appearing in your woodwork. These start to appear after many years of small holes appearing.

• Between around May and October you may see the beetles on your timber. Adult woodworm are around 3-5mm long and are a reddish-brown colour.

What are my options for woodworm treatment?

Before we decide how to tackle your woodworm infestation, one of our trained surveyors will visit to assess the type of woodworm attack, how damaged your timber is, and any potential risks or hazards associated with the treatment. We’ll then put a plan in place to carry out the woodworm removal.


Before any preservatives are applied, excess dust and debris will be removed. Water-based insecticides are usually the most effective and affordable solution. We’ll either ‘fog’ the area, spray or brush the treatment on. Smaller pieces of timber such as furniture can be treated using heat, freezing or gas fumigation. 


Our team can carry out woodworm removal in homes across Belfast. Contact us to book a home visit today.

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Call Damp & Timber Specialists NI today on 07950 941722 to quickly and effectively remove woodworm from your home.

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