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Looking for an expert in structural waterproofing?

Rely on the team at Damp & Timber Specialists NI in Belfast for expert waterproofing solutions.

Structural Waterproofing: Welcome

Helping you go from damp to delightful

The ideal way to transform rooms below ground level

Whereas damp proofing treats damp problems that happen above the ground, structural waterproofing is used to treat walls that sit below the earth's surface. This method is the best way to prevent water ingress in cellars, underground car parks, tunnels and garages. Damp & Timber Specialists NI have been installing structural waterproofing across the Belfast area for over 22 years and are happy to take on structural waterproofing projects of all sizes. 

Thinking about a cellar conversion? Talk to Damp & Timber Specialists NI

A converted cellar is the ideal way to transform a dark damp and otherwise wasted space in your home. Having your cellar waterproofed means you can safely store less frequently used items away without the risk of them becoming damaged by mould and dampness. A converted cellar also makes an ideal space for a home office if you need to work from home and could potentially increase the value of your home.

If you love where you live, but need a little more space, talk to us about putting structural waterproofing in place today. Once this work has been completed, the rest of the conversion work can be arranged straight away.

Structural Waterproofing: Services

Call our team today on 07950 941722 to discuss our structural waterproofing services.

Structural Waterproofing: Price Quote
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